Saturn Goes Direct in Capricorn
By Courtney Nyhuis

Saturn stationed retrograde on Monday, April 29 at 20 degrees Capricorn. Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18 at 13 degrees Capricorn, about four and a half months later. Saturn moved into Capricorn, an earth sign, on December 20th, 2017 at the same time the Sun moved into Capricorn. Saturn spends about two and a half years in a sign.
According to Maurice Fernandez, Astrologer,, the true purpose of Saturn in Capricorn is to align human laws with spiritual laws. From Aries to Sagittarius, we are the drivers of our lives. We build our careers, take charge of our destiny. When Saturn gets to Capricorn, we realize that we are part of something larger.

Saturn is about karma which says that we are accountable for both the good and the bad that we create and the actions we take in our lives. Saturn in Capricorn asks the question, have we aligned ourselves with Truth, with spiritual laws? Saturn wants order and boundaries; it wants to restructure. Part of restructuring is demolishing what is not working, what is not aligned.
Saturn in Capricorn can bring failure because when we fail, it hurts. When we hurt, our attention goes to finding out why and discovering how to change. Saturn encourages practicality and responsibility. Saturn in Capricorn relates to the bones of life. Where will Saturn hurt us? Where are we out of alignment? As parents, are we really good role models? People in authority will be tested.
Saturn retrograde was all about personal development for me this summer. Why am I not achieving my goals? What is holding me back? What stories am I telling myself that keep me from achieving my dreams? What beliefs were causing me to sabotage myself and my actions. Saturn gave me the opportunity to look at my habits and to really see what was not working in my life. I landed in a Tony Robbins personal development course “Unleash the Power Within,” that I found to be an amazing Saturnian gift providing deep insights. Now I am taking action to follow and fulfill my purpose.

When Saturn transits and hits your angles, the ascendant, MC, descendant and IC, it is about rites of passage. Saturn is time and you have to pass to the next step, the next phase of your life. The first Saturn return around age 29 is the first big test. Saturn can affect the whole ancestral lineage. As a baby is born, a parent may die. As a child gets a promotion in a job, the parents may retire. As the second Saturn return approaches anywhere from age 56 to 60, Saturn asks what you have accomplished and where have you failed. Are you successful in a material way, in a spiritual way? Sometimes you can have one without the other; for example, being successful in society, but feel a failure spiritually.
Saturn can test our boundaries and our ethics. Do we feel a sense of accomplishment or defeat? Look at your self-worth. Do you have a good feeling about your life? With Saturn retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to realign our lives, to get back on track, to make sure we are fulfilling our purpose. You have to look deep at your own Truth. Now, with Saturn going direct, it is time to act.