ASA & ASTRAM Alliance

Over this last year,  several ASA members and non-member astrologers in Austin have come together to address some issues with outreach for the ASA, and some big changes that are occurring in the astrological community. The Astram Alliance Project is now official. In the Fall, the board of the ASA made the decision to change the business structure of the organization and to shift its focus on outreach towards local astrology practitioners & enthusiasts. Astram was created as a loose affiliation in 2015 and formally as new association in 2018 for specifically for outreach to other communities. As of January 2019, the Astram Alliance will take the lead & spearhead various projects with a number of astrologers in our extended community both ASA paid members and non-members. Astram will be doubling up on both local and out-of town speakers with a wide range of astrologically related topics. We look forward to the changes to come!

Several issues have been addressed, some long-time ASA members have been voicing what they would like to see as specific to the ASA. Primarily that the ASA remain a lecture format organization & society. Many other ASA members and a growing part of the metaphysical & conscious communities in Austin, want to be included in “an astrological dialogue that is more directly engaging” and not specifically based on a monthly podium speaker model.

Under the banner “ASTROLOGY AUSTIN” and through the Astram Alliance initiative, these ASA members, non-members and some in the extended astrological community are also working directly with other established & new organizations in the area, who have also creating astrological workshops, counseling, lectures and seminars. We are addressing this need to work more as an all-inclusive collaborative merger.


The Astrological Society will:

  • Maintain a membership base for the ASA, which will also include benefits for the Astram Alliance events
  • Build a network of local speakers for the ASA Monthly Lecture Series
  • Foster connections with traveling national speakers for lectures
  • Build & maintain satellite discussion groups in the four parts of Austin.

The Astram Alliance Project will: 

  • Promote & co-host periodic national level workshops here locally
  • Teach & co-create a formal Introductory Class
  • Collaborate with Kepler College on an NCGR Level 1 Certification Series
  • Host online discussions with local members & leaders
  • Work with the other Texas-based astrology organizations for collaborative retreats
  • Create an astrology mini-conference with the “Good Society” of Austin.

…this is just some of what we have planned fo the coming year!

We are working hard to make 2019 an amazing year for astrology in Austin!