2-Day Fall Work Shop Intensive with A.T. Mann

Navigating Your Life!


Saturday and Sunday workshop
October 5 @ 10am-5pm & October 6 @ 10am-4pm

Lotus Bend Sanctuary


A New Vision of Astrology: Navigating Your Life
Traditional astrology has no inherent timing of the release of planets, and the Life Time model provides a guide to the unfolding of events/planets/signs throughout your life in time. The essential events and psychological developments of your life and relationships begin at the 9th cusp (conception), when your mother and father make love to conceive you. Remember that life is a process in time. Gestation influences (9thcusp—ASC) are the collective unconscious, deeply buried, and our birth (ASC) is the core of your personality, with aspecting planets being sub-personalities. Your parents’ early relationship, sexuality and the family system into which you are born are primary factors in your personality that shape who you are and are the foundation upon which all predictive astrology rests. The sequence of important events can be dated using a transparent time scale and the physical and psychological interpretation of those events is “Your Story.” Through your childhood, into maturity and up to the present, you are navigating your life time. Learn how to orient yourself in your life and utilize progressions, solar arcs and transits in a totally different way.

Everyone registering before the workshop will get their chart and list of lifetime arc dates from conception to 99 years old. Bring other charts of family, partners and any other of interest!

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ASA Special Lecture: A.T. Mann

FRIDAY October 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AOMA Westgate

Conception + Gestation + Birth = Your Creativity
Life begins at conception on the ninth cusp and the Life Time technique allows you to discover the circumstances and implications of your earliest and most deeply embedded experiences (genetic inheritance, parental patterns, sexuality, karmic inheritance, etc.) from then until Birth on the Ascendant. These times are not typically even discussed in “traditional” astrology, but they are especially important as they are the foundational pattern in the unfolding of your creativity, sexuality and psychology. Discover how to interpret this amazing system in your own chart

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More About A.T. Mann:
A.T. “Tad” Mann (born August 18, 1943, in Auburn, New York) is an American astrologer, author, designer and artist who has written 18 books and is best known for his books and paintings on astrology and sacred architecture, sexuality and gardens. Mann graduated from the Cornell University College of Architecture in 1966 and worked as an architect for Gruzen & Partners, Davis Brody Associates, and Robert A. M. Stern in New York City and The Architects’ Collaborative (TAC) European office in Rome.

In 1970, Mann and Stuart Cohen as principal designers at Gruzen & Partners Architects won a Progressive Architecture MagazineDesign Awards Citation for “Low Income Public Housing for Queens, New York” (January 1970, pp. 98–99), Annual Awards Issue. Mann has written many astrology books based on the concept of a logarithmic time scale derived from the work of G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky and Rodney Collin, and contributing to an application of astrology called Life Time Astrology.

Mann lived in England from 1973–1991 and in Copenhagen from 1991–1999. He regularly taught at the UK Astrological Association in London, and the Unicorn School of Astro-psychologyand the Scandinavian Astrologi Skole in Copenhagen.

Mann is one of the more prolific astrological authors, and he designed and illustrated most of his own books. From 1973-1980, Mann was a founding partner of Phenomenon Publications in London, and co-wrote, designed and illustrated The Phenomenon Book of Calendarsthat were published in the UK and US yearly for eight years. He wrote The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space(1979)Life Time Astrology(1984), The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation(1986), The Future of Astrology(1988)collection of essays by important astrologers, Astrology and the Art of Healing(1989)and A New Vision of Astrology(2002).

Mann also designed, painted and wrote The Mandala Astrological Tarot(1987), published by Harper & Row San Francisco, and Elements of the Tarot(1995). He wroteSacred Architecture(1993)andSacred Sexuality(1995)with the author and master of divinatory tarot Jane Lyle. He has also written many articles and essays for other books. Mann’s mandala paintings and designs are featured inMasters of the 20th Century: The ICOGRADA Design Hall of Fame.

Mann now lives and works in Hudson, New York, has worked with Mystic Fire Video, particularly as editor and voiceover for theDalai Lama’s Kalachakra Tantra Teachings(2009). His current book Sacred Landscapeswith photographs by Lynn Daviswas published by Sterling Publishers in New York. Mann also writes for the online Oracular Masters Series at the website tarot.com, particularly about his Mandala Astrological Tarot, as well as a Reincarnation Report, an Astro Location Feng Shuireport, and the Solar Return report.

  • Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worldswith photographs by Lynn Davis (2010, Sterling, New York)
  • Mandalas by A. T. Mann: 2011 Calendar
  • The Mandala Astrological Tarot(2009, Sterling, New York)
  • A New Vision of Astrology(2002, Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, New York)
  • Sacred Sexuality(1995, Element Books, Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club; 2002, Vega, London)-A T Mann and Jane Lyle
  • Elements of Reincarnation(1995, Element Books)
  • The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation(1986, Allen & Unwin, Element Books)