Foundations of Astrology:

An 8 Week Immersion

Beginning APRIL 8th for 8 consecutive Mondays:

For many of us, studying astrology is a scattered and solitary pursuit. This Spring – ASTRAM will be at the AOMA Graduate School, providing a comprehensive course to equip a community of budding astrologers with the tools to share wisdom and inspiration with the world. Astrologer Charlie Cross will kick off this new two month long series with an overview of astrology as a necessary study and discipline, for eight Monday evenings from 7-9pm.  
By the end of our two months together, you should expect to:
  •  Speak the basic language of astrology—words, phrases, sentences, and whole stories.
  •  Use basic astrology software to cast charts and surf the sky tides.
  •  Read charts with confidence, diagnosing and remedying difficulties and amplify strong suits.
  •  Appreciate the philosophical and spiritual tradition of astrology
  •  Develop a much closer relationship with the night sky, the planets, stars, sun and moon.
  •  Receive a certificate of completion & recognition when completed! 

 This Immersion will include:
  •  6 weekly classroom sessions, a stargazing session and a chart-reading clinic, which will be open to the public.
  •  Weekly prompts, readings and practices to explore the mysteries of astrology and bring alive its core concepts.
  •  Weekly, online office hours and a guided, online forum to explore curiosities and share observations. 

                  The Class Curriculum 

Week 1: Foundations

Foundations of Astrology—Star Wisdom and the Cycles of the Earth:

What is astrology? Where does it come from? How does it work? Astrology, Astrologies and Astronomy. Fate, Free Will, and Destiny.  

Week 2: Essentials I

Sol and Luna: Eclipses, Lunar Phases, and the Zodiac. 

Sun and Moon. Cycles and Seasons: Stations of the Sun and the Lunar Phases. Polarity, Elements and Modes. The Zodiac: Constellations and Signs. 

Week 3: Essentials II

The Inner Planets and the Twelve Houses:

Writing Basic Astrological Phrases: Planets in Signs. The Angles. The Houses. Writing Astrological Sentences. 

Week 4: Sky School

Field Trip-Star Party: 

The Directions and Shamanic Astrology. The Fixed Stars and Lunar Mansions. Aliens and Star-Beings. Embodied Astrology: the Inner Observatory.

Week 5: Essentials III

Week 5: Transits and The Outer Planets

Archetypal Cycles: History Rhymes. Planetary Speed and Retrogradation. Personal Transits and Progressions.

Week 6: Applications I

Synthesis: Reading a Chart! 

Patterns: Aspects, Archetypes, and Cycles. Imagination and Storytelling. Divination, Oracles and Ethics. 

Week 7: Applications II

Applications: Love, Money, and Healing. 

Relationship, Financial, and Medical Astrology. Living Astrologically: Planetary Magic and Ritual Time.

Week 8: Applications III

Community Chart Reading Clinic 

Bring your friends and family! This evening, we’ll invite members of our Austin Community to come and receive readings from us. Each of us will get a chance to perform a mini-reading. We’ll end with a little celebration of our time together. 


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Charlie Cross is a consulting astrologer, teacher, and writer. Charlie has been studying astrology intensely since an initiatory wound opened Charlie up to the spiritual world 7 years ago, just in time to catch the magic of 2012. Constantly doing readings, teaching and creating with astrology, Charlie has studied Evolutionary Astrology with Adam Sommer and Ari Moshe, but he has always been an autodidact. These days he is drawn to Tropical Vedic Astrology, the Fixed Stars and Lunar Mansions, Shamanic Astrology and Planetary Magic, as well as medical and financial astrology. In addition to working as an astrologer, Charlie teaches in the Waldorf Movement, where he gets to witness in action the spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner, a mystic and progenitor of many spiritual technologies (as well as brilliant astrological thinker). Charlie also facilitates the Moon Language Story Circle, a roving full-moon circle with astrologically-chosen themes. Learn more at

Let’s make this a wonderful astrological experience! 

This class is being offered through AstrologyAustin! by ASTRAM.  ASA, SAAS, OPA & other national affiliate members are eligible for a organizational discount.