2019 ASA Board of Directors

The ASA Board is composed of a dynamic group of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts, who have come together to grow the organization through their various talents and perspectives. Read more about the ASA representatives here:

President of ASA

Shannon Gill

Shannon Gill synthesizes Evolutionary Astrology, Jungian counseling and Sacred Embodiment practices to create a transformative healing experience for clients. Her academic background includes studies in Buddhist psychology, dance therapy, soul work, and indigenous ceremonial arts. Shannon has a private astrology practice and serves as President of the Austin Astrological Society, Secretary for OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers, and is the co-founder of ASTRAM- Astrologer’s Alliance. She is co-director of Lotus Bend Sanctuary, a spiritual day retreat in Austin, Texas that offers retreats and workshops.

Co-Founder/Vice President

Russ von Ohlhausen

Russ von Ohlhausen is an transpersonal ontological consciousnesses catalyzer, writer, lecturer and research astrologer; his work reflects a lifetime of study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly – nature – and what they reveal about consciousness & human behavior.  Russ is a co-founder of the Astrological Society of Austin in 2005 &  inaugural member (in 2006)  & previously its Vice President & President; he has taught on metaphysics & science at Kepler College, serving as interim directing advisor for Kepler Research Institute, in Seattle, WA., written and taught with Astrology Hub, and NCGR, and lectured at various esoteric organizations such as IONS (Institute for Noetic Science) & INACS.  Russ was a member of the Western Delegation and speaker at the 28th IVC Conference in Kolkata, India. He was a speaker UAC’18 in Chicago, OPA i-Astrologer, C*I*A – ASTRAM Denver Conference, and  keynote at the Vedic Astrology Conference in Sedona. Russell has written for various astrological publications and produced class content for various organizations across the worldAlong with several other roles in the astrological community, the International VP of IVC’ 30 Kolkata, India; member of OPA, ISAR, NCGR, KIA, ROMA, and various other organization.  His ground-breaking work in cosmological mechanics, and astrological & mathematical research, Celestia Mathematica & The Fibonacci Zodiac, is currently being taught by other astrological schools as a foundational theory of the governing structure behind astrological knowledge and cosmological mechanics. He is also the creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy and The Holy Myth: The Bible as Astrological Treatise, and the ARC-Database Initiative (Astrological Research Collaborative). 

Coordinating Secretary

Jeannie Goldwire

Jeannie joined ASA in early 2007, and later served 3 years (2012-2014) as Vice President. She said when she went to her first meeting, “The intelligence in the room was palpable!  Felt like I had found my tribe.”  She has attended workshops with Bernadette Brady in Santa Fe, NM; attended three consecutive STAR retreats in Brenham starring Rob Hand, Lee Lehman, and Demetra George.  Attended 2012 UAC in New Orleans, attending UAC 2018 in Chicago.  “Mark Jones’ private reading led me to reclaim a lost fragment of my soul.”  Favorite online teacher:  Austin Coppock.  Favorite podcasters:  Chris Brennan, Adam Somme’s, Gary Caton.  Also a big fan of Gordon White, “Rune Soup” and his books, “Star.ships” and “Chaos Protocols.”

Currently taking Gemini Brett’s course “Sacred astronomy for astrologers” (more than astrology.com).  Member of Austin Astronomical Society, attend Astronomy-on-Tap at The North Door  On the list of Top Ten Events of my life:  the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse personally witnessed in Missouri.

Class Director

Charlie Cross

Charlie Cross is a consulting astrologer, teacher, and writer. Charlie has been studying astrology intensely since an initiatory wound opened Charlie up to the spiritual world 7 years ago, just in time to catch the magic of 2012. Constantly doing readings, teaching and creating with astrology, Charlie has studied Evolutionary Astrology with Adam Sommer and Ari Moshe, but he has always been an autodidact. These days he is drawn to Tropical Vedic Astrology, the Fixed Stars and Lunar Mansions, Shamanic Astrology and Planetary Magic, as well as medical and financial astrology. In addition to working as an astrologer, Charlie teaches in the Waldorf Movement, where he gets to witness in action the spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner, a mystic and progenitor of many spiritual technologies (as well as brilliant astrological thinker). Charlie also facilitates the Moon Language Story Circle, a roving full-moon circle with astrologically-chosen themes. Learn more at astrologyally.com


Bijanka Butler

 ASA Active Volunteers

The ASA volunteers are passionate, enthusiastic & dedicated. Read more about the ASA representatives here:

ASA Associate Team

Lorraine Schroeder

Volunteer & Past Officer

Margarette Kaylor

Margarette began studying astrology at age 16 in Houston, TX with Astrologer Lillian Eitel.  She has studied and used the works of with Robert Blaschke, Doris Chase Doane, Isabel Hickey, and Ed Steinbrecher, Alan Leo, Llewellyn George, Dane Rudhyar, Linda Hill, Francis Sakoian and Louis Acker, John Anthony West, Rob Hand, Steven Forest, Deborah Houlding and many others.

Margarette has attended many national level astrology conferences. Education: BA in Psychology, English minor from University of Houston, 1970.   MPA in Public Administration, Personnel Administration concentration from South West Texas State University (now Texas State University), 1977.