Past Speakers and Events

2018  Speakers

Jan 20:  11th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Charlie Cross – Vedic & Evolutionary Astrology
  • Min Lynch- Chinese Astrology
  • Megan Polansky- Archetypal and Evolutionary Astrology

Feb 17: Anne Beversdorf – Gestalt of Chart Reading

Feb 17 :     Anne Beversdorf – “The Gestalt of Charts”

Mar 24:     Maria J. Mateus – Intro to Astrological Grammar

Apr 21:     Togi Aditya– “As Above, so Below”

May 19:    ASA Jupiter Return-Galaxy of Stars!

Jun 21-24th:      Maurice Fernandez -Evolutionary Astrologer

Thursday: June 21st Solstice Reception & Dance

Friday: June 22nd Lecture

Sat & Sun: June 23rd & 24th Workshop

Jul & AUG:    BREAK 

Sept 15th:   Russ von Ohlhausen- “Secrets of Starlight” Re-unifying Astrology & Science 

Oct 12& 13th: Gemini Brett: Fall Workskop

Nov 17th : Jeannie Goldwire “Jupiter in Sagittarius” 

2017  Speakers

Jan 21:         10th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Michele Debs – Traditional
  • Naomi Bennett- Mundane and Financial
  • Marcha Fox – Modern Symmetrical

Feb 18:         Anne Beversdorf – Alexandrian Library Project

Mar 18:         Naomi C Bennett  – Trump Fake News and White House Adm

Mar 24:         Meet Diane Clark Reception – At Naomi’s House

Mar 25-26:     Intermediate Tobey Workshop

Apr 15:           Maria J. Mateus  – TBA

May 20:         Shannon Jones  – TBA

Jun 9:         Dennis Harness  –  Two Sides of the Same Coin: Western & Vedic Astrology

Jun 10-11:     Dennis Harness Vedic Workshop

Jun 17:         Issachar Bey  –  Uranian Astrology

Summer Break July & August

2016  Speakers

Jan 16:         9th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Michele Debs – Traditional
  • Naomi Bennett- Mundane and Financial
  • Marcha Fox – Modern Symmetrical

Feb 20:         Dr. Will Morris – Draconic Chart for Health and Illness

Mar 19:         Michelle Debs – Who Will Win?  Hillary or Bernie?

Apr 16:         Naomi C Bennett –Mars Retrograde and Declinations

May 21:         Min Lynch – Chinese Astrology

June 3,4,5:  Special Workshop with Mark Jones

Jun 18:        Naomi C Bennett Orlando-Pulse Event, Mars Retrograde

Summer Break July & August

Sep 19:         Michele Debs – Presidential Election

Sep 24:         Beginner’s Astrology Workshop

Oct 01:          Intermediate Astrology Workshop

Oct 17:           Marcha Fox

Nov 19:           Naomi Bennet

Dec 17:           Winter Solstice Party – no meeting

2015  Speakers

Jan 17:         8th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Laura Waldman-Evolutionary
  • Carlos Cedillo-Mayan
  • Naomi Bennett- Mundane and Financial

Feb 19:         Don Cerow- “U.S.A:History & Soul” author, teacher

Mar 21:         Marcha Fox- Astrologer on asteroids, writer, sci-fi author

Apr 18:         Donna Woodwell- Astrology & Dreaming” writer, tantrika

May 16:        Joni Patry – Vedic Lecture & Workshop

Jun 20:        David Perkins- Author of “Hitler’s Astrologer”, speaker

Summer Break July & August

Sep 19:         Christy Hall- Dallas astrological leader & speaker

Oct 17:          Dr. Kerri Welch- Researcher  “Astrology and Time

Nov 21:         Rick Levine WORKSHOP- Western astrologer, writer

Dec:              Solstice Celebration: End of the year social

2014 Speakers

Jan:             7th Annual  Predictions Panel:

  • Roxana Muise
  • Marcha Fox
  • Naomi Bennett

Feb:            Anne Beversdorf:Reading the Mind of the Universe

Mar:           Will Morris, PhD: Medical Astrology Workshop

Apr:            Thaddeus Fenner:Eclipses

May:           Roxana Muise:Retrograde Cycle”

Jun:            Donna Woodwell: “The Way of the Moon-Lunar Mansions

Jul:             Linda Mackey The Sacred Symbol OM and Astrology

Aug:           Siri Deva Singh Khalsa  “Evolutionary Astrology

Sept:          Christy Hall: The Cyclic Nature of Time with Lunations

Oct:            Alex Trenoweth: Growing Pains of Adolescence

Nov:           Russ von Ohlhausen:The Presence of the Fundamental Force

Dec:           End of the year Solstice Party


2013 Speakers

Jan:               6th Annual Predictions Panel:

  • Naomi Bennett
  • Anne Beversdorf,
  • Donna Woodwell

Feb:            Marcha Fox: “Astrology and Weird Science”

Mar:           Russ von Ohlhausen: The Gods at Play: Myth & Astrology”

Apr:             Naomi Bennett: 2013 Eclipses with Predictions”

May:           Roxanne Muise: “The Grand Sextile”

Jun:            Don Cerow: “When the Dragon Wore the Crown”

Jul:              Linda Mackey: Lunar Dimensions

Aug:            Russ von Ohlhausen: Celestia Mathematica

Sept:           Christy Hall:  “Holistic Interpretation of Chart

Oct:             David Idar: Astrology & Tarot

Nov:            Mehtab Benton: Astrology & Yoga

Dec:            End of the year Solstice Party

2012 Speakers

Jan:                5th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Michele Debs – Medieval
  • Anne Beversdorf- Vedic
  • Donna Woodwell- Initiatory Mystical
  • Naomi Bennett- Mundane & Financial




May:               Renu Namjoshi- Vedic Astrology Workshop







Dec:                    End of the year Solstice Party

2011 Speakers

Jan:              4th Annual Predictions Panel

  • Donna Woodwell
  • Laura Waldman
  • Nancy Jeane
  • Naomi Bennett



                S.T.A.R.- Retreat with ROB HAND









Dec:                     End of the year Solstice Party

2010 Speakers

Jan:               3rd Annual Predictions Panel

  • Anne Beversdorf
  • Gina Lalli



                      S.T.A.R. Retreat with LEE LEHMAN








Nov 19th:        Donna Woodwell: “Meet Your Planets”

Dec:                  End of the year Solstice Party

2009 Speakers

Jan 12th:                   2nd Annual Predictions Panel

  • Donna Woodwell
  • Maria Mateus
  • Anne Beversdorf

Feb 26th:            Chris Brennan: “A Brief History of Western Astrology”

                               S.T.A.R. Retreat with CHRIS BRENNAN

Mar 3rd:           Nick Dagan Best: “Tales of Venus Retrograde”

Mar 30th:         Gina Lalli: “A Great Day to have an Operation”

Apr 27th:           Anne Beversdorf: “Chiron and the Search for Meaning”

May 27th:          ASA 3rd Annual Birthday Party

Jun 29th:           Rebecca Eigen: “The Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House”

(ASA Restructured as an “independent Texas” Non-Profit)

Jul:                      Open Forum

Aug 31st:            Vijay Rishii: “Astromasks- Astrology Decoded”

Sept 28th:         Anne Beversdorf: “Secrets of Sabian Symbols and Saros Cycle”

Oct 22nd :        Lecture & Workshop Kenneth Miller

Nov:                   Open Forum

Dec:                    4th Annual Solstice Party

2008 Speakers

Jan 15th:            1st Annual Predictions Panel:

  • Laura Waldman
  • Maria Mateus
  • Anne Beversdorf

Jan 29th:           Directed Forum: “Pluto in Capricorn: Damnation or Salvation?

Feb 28th:           Joseph Crane: Dante’s Divine Cosmos”

Mar 31st:           Gina Lalli: “The Perfect Day to Marry”

                              S.T.A.R. Retreat with JOSEPH CRANE

Apr:                      Open Forum

May 27th:          ASA 2nd Annual Birthday Party

Jun 30th:          Maria Mateus: “Babylonian Planetary Deities”

Jul 28th:           Maria Mateus & Donna Woodwell:  “2008 Presidential Predictions”

Aug:                    Open Forum

Sept 29th:         Laura Glasscock: “Grounding Mayan Astrology”

Oct 12th:            Workshop with A.T. “Tad” Mann

Oct 27th:            Donna Woodwell: “Cosmic Correspondences: Astrology and Magic”

Nov:                     Open Forum

Dec:                     3rd Annual Solstice Party

2007 Speakers

Jan 27th:          Eileen “Ike” West: “The Stars: Our Cosmic Connections”

Feb 24th:         Linda Mackey: “East-West Reflections”

Mar 31st:         Charles McClelland Reflections on ‘Cosmos & Psyche'”

Apr  28th:       Melanie Schlossberg “The Hermetic Lots”

May 26th:        1st ASA Annual Birthday Party

Jun 21st:          No meeting

Jul 31st:           Gina Lalli, “Have a Great Future”

Aug 27th:        Jeanne Avery: The Rising Signs”

Sept:                Open Discussion

Oct 29th:        Anne Beversdorf: “Befriend Your Planets”

Nov:                 Open Discussion

Dec:                 2nd Annual Solstice Party

2006 Speakers & Events

May 26th:           ASA Charter Meeting- Introductions at Mozart’s- ASA established, also chartered under NCGR

Jun 26th:           Gina Lalli: “Brotherhood of Light School of Hermetic Astrology”

Jul 31st:              Gae Xavier: “Using Planetary Geometry with Natals and Timing Life Events”

Aug 26th:            Donna Woodwell: “Phoenix Rising: Astrology, Alchemy”

Sept 30th:           Maria Mateus: “Profections: Reviving an Ancient Technique for Astrological Forecasting”

Oct 28th:              Laura Waldman: “Chaos or Enlightenment? Astrology for our Changing Times”

Nov 22nd:           Open Discussion

Dec:                       1st Annual Solstice Party