October 2015-Kerri Welch-PhD.

October 17th-2015

We know that astrology works, but how do you explain how it works? People often dismiss astrology because they assume astrologers claim that planets cause certain events or behaviors and find this in conflict with the notion of physical causality, since the planets’ exert minimal physical force on the human realm. In this talk we’ll explore the idea of astrology as a synchronicity system rather than a causal reality. Synchronicity suggests a fundamental mirroring between one’s self and external reality, not mediated by causation. The planets do not cause events and behaviors, rather they reflect underlying patterns simultaneously. Acknowledging the effectiveness of such synchronicity systems for divination and psychological growth suggests a new conception of time, which I characterize as fractal, where the parts reflect the whole. This theme reoccurs throughout astrology in the birth chart, progressions, and transit patterns.

ASA-Kerri Welch


Kerri Welch, Ph.D. is a philosopher of time, a professor, writer, and astrologer.
She began studying astrology 12 years ago with Rick Tarnas, building her skills with a community of his students in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where she earned her PhD in Philosophy and Religion in 2010 studying the relationship between time and timelessness from the perspectives of physics and human experience. Her book “The Texture of Time” on her research (link below) is in the works. Her website and discussion are here at: Texture of Time- WordPress

Saturday Afternoon 3pm

Kerri’s upcoming academic book: Texture of Time: A Fractal Topology