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ASA Lecture Series MARCH

16 March 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

“Coming Back to Center” 

Christy begins with the circle and the mandala and reasons why it represents the ideal symbolic form, then moves into the metaphysics of numerology where Christy will give her own interpretation of how these principles have a relationship with astrology and religions. Have you ever wondered why time goes so much faster as we age? And then explain how the elements have to do with this perception of the world. How many times have you heard that you are unique or told someone else this? Yet most of us don’t know in what ways we are truly unique. For instance, did you know that we each have a completely different rhythmic heartbeat and we all operate on our own circadian rhythm? And that both of these rhythms have to do with the Sun / Moon relationship?

She will be discussing mythology, alchemy, psychology and sacred geometry as processes of change which the transits and progressions represent in everyone’s natal charts. Then she brings these concepts down to Earth applying them to examples of real life. When you understand the underlying essence of symbolic form, and pattern, you just cannot perceive the natal chart in the same way again. This is an expedition of the mind which can assist you in comprehending astrology at an entirely new level. But even if you don’t know one bit of astrology, the material is explained simply enough for anyone to understand.

Monthly Lectures:
$8 for ASA members
just $12 for visitors!

Christy Hall-

Christy picked up her first astrology book in 2001 and is still left in awe by the discovery of the way the Universe operates. A practicing astrologer since 2009, she was a founding member of the Astrological Society of Austin and is currently serving on the board of Astrological Society of North Texas as well as AFAN, the Association For Astrological Networking, a global non-profit dedicated to enhancing the role astrology has in today’s society. With a diploma from Glenn Perry’s AstroPsychology Program, and more than 12 years of consultation experience, she teaches classes on Manifesting Venus, Lunar Phases and other astrology courses. She has lectured on Hero Myths as well as a wide variety of other astrological / metaphysical topics with great enthusiasm and making the subject matter accessible to anyone attending the talks. She wants everyone – even non-astrologers or beginners to fully comprehend the amazing nature of the Cosmos. Christy is married with 2 children, and 2 dogs whom she loves beyond all reason.

Experience and Education (if needed):
Astrological Education:
• Level 1 NCGR Certification in 2007
• Diploma from 2yr Astro-Psychology program taught by Glenn Perry
• Practicing astrologer since 2009
• Founding member of Astrological Society of Austin (astrologyaustin.com)
• Board Member, Astrological Society of North Texas (asntx.com)
• Board Member, Association For Astrological Networking (afan.org)
Teaching experience:
• UAC Lecture: Every Phase Has Its Story:
• 5hr+ Workshop: Manifesting Venus
• Class: Lunar phases technique
• Lecture: Manifesting Venus
• Lecture: Cyclic Nature of Time and the Process of Change through the Lunation Phases
• Lecture: My Path Towards a Holistic Interpretation


16 March 2019
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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AOMA Graduate School
4701 West Gate
Austin, TX 78652 United States
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