The Intermediate Tobey Astrology Workshop

ZP-DohenyLibThe Intermediate Tobey System of Astrology Workshop

March 25-26, 2017

Diane Clarke and Naomi C Bennett, instructors

Intermediate Class is Saturday and Sunday March 25-26 10am-5pm

This is a two part class that is designed to bring a beginner student up to the level of chart interpretation quickly.  It can be a big leap from learning the fundamentals of astrology to being able to interpret a chart into personality characteristics or to begin to predict current or future events.  Early Bird Pricing is $90 for each day.

The prior workshop last November covered the basic design of how astrology is structured using the Tobey System.  Astrology is a form of mathematical design that is present in all life forms.  Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects all follow principles based on design.  Naomi presented how these parts of astrology fit perfectly into a integrated pattern that few astrology books present.  The Tobey System is unique in that the psychological motivations that drive behavior are clearly driven by our past and the need to push ourselves into the future.  Few astrology teachers understand or teach the underlying driving forces that shape behavior.  Even if a student has already studied the basics of astrology, there will be a fresh and new perspective  given on how to approach a chart from a psychological point of view. Two textbooks are included in the class tuition along with handouts for future study and reference.  We will use student charts for examples and discussion so bring your birth data.

Saturday and Sunday is dedicated to chart interpretation by using angles, signs and houses.  It can be daunting to take these elements and combine them into a narrative.  Last time we used student charts to interpret planets in signs, add the nature of the house, and then add the aspects to build an interpretation model using the Tobey System.  Now we will look at charts for relationship interpretation, and build predictive models using transits and progressions.  Add to this the hidden aspects of declination and the use of planetary nodes to give a fuller, rounded out interpretation that modifies a standardized  reading.  These additional elements increase accuracy.

It can get complicated but Naomi and Diane have over four decades of leading students into a quick mastery of combining these layers into a narrative of interpretation.  This is an interactive structure so be ready to speak up and share.  Handouts will be given for reference.

This will be held at Naomi Bennett’s home at 1303 Kittansett Cove, Austin, Tx 78746.  Bring your lunch box.  Coffee and water will be provided.

After March 23th the cost is $100 for each day or $200 total  Please RSVP since class is limited to 12. Payment by cash, check or Paypal.  Send an email to Naomi at to RSVP since attendance is limited to 12.

Early Bird Prepay for Saturday, Sunday or Both

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Diane Clarke is an astrological consultant, teacher, writer & researcher, and has been in private practice since 1972.  A graduate of UC Santa Barbara and a former social worker for LA County, she blends her astrological expertise with an extensive background in psychological, metaphysical and spiritual studies, mythology, alternative health disciplines and feng shui.  Along with her monthly astrological forecast, The Cosmic Weather Report, she is currently writing a book on chart interpretation based on her 44 years’ experience working with Carl Payne Tobey’s school of thought.  Diane is the founder/host of the Astrology Forum of Southern Nevada. 4323 Garland Court, Las Vegas, NV 89121  Ph:  702-737-5636.  Astrological Consultant at

Naomi Sm 2013

Naomi C Bennett has practiced astrology since 1970 and is currently President of the Astrological Society of Austin, TX.  She has a B.S. in Psychology, an 11 year career in computer sales with Fortune 500 companies and 15 years as a Real Estate investor.  She teaches astrology as a branch of sacred geometry and advises clients. She has authored Foundations of Astrology in 2014 and she has published two works of Carl Payne Tobey, who was her astrology mentor., 512-619-8255 or