As above so below: Understanding astrology through astronomy…

It is said “as above so below” and, as a testimony to that statement, in the past few months, we have witnessed the human impacts of celestial events occurring in the sky. This shows that the entire universe is dynamic and full of life. But our limited human intellect finds it difficult to grasp abstract qualities of planets, nakshatras, rasis and other subtle elements of nature. However, astronomy provides us a great opportunity to physically view these divine celestial stars, constellation and planets. At the zeroth level experiencing their energies through our sensory organs one can interpret their qualities to a certain extent. It is as if these subtle energies have taken a particular gross form. The study of astronomy makes the process easy and simple to understand key concepts of astrology. In this talk I will discuss about the exaltation points of planets and its astronomical connection.

Dr. Aditya Togi is an instructor at St. Mary’s University, Texas, USA. As an astronomer, he now specializes in the study of interstellar dust and gas properties in galaxies. As an astrologer, he is interested in understanding and decoding concepts from Vedanga Jyotisha (a Vedic text on astronomy and astrology), using his knowledge of astronomy for the purpose. It has been scientifically proven that the elements present in the human body were once processed inside stars and hence, we are direct descendants of stars. He believes this combined attempt could give a glimpse of the esoteric and scientific knowledge our ancestors had.

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