ASTROLOGY AUSTIN! 2018-2019 Lectures & Events


ASTRAM- Human Design & Astrology- John Cole

 "Introduction to Human Design" One of ASA's early members, astrologer John Cole, is returning to engage us with his in-depth look of the Human Design System with Astrology at its core. Human Design is a revealed system that synthesizes astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra systems with current scientific knowledge. Using the […]

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Lotus Bend Sanctuary, 2808 Robin Road
Manchaca, TX 78652 United States
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ASTRAM-Astrology Class Series

This is a comprehensive re-introduction to astrological basics, from the meaning of the planets to how to interpret a natal chart.

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AOMA Graduate School, 4701 West Gate
Austin, TX 78652 United States
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Monthly Lecture Series 

Each month, the Astrological Society will host a meeting at AOMA in South Austin. This meeting serves as an opportunity for astrologers of all kinds to get together and share their unique perspectives on the cosmos. What are the stars indicating for us in the upcoming year?  How do we read a birth chart from both an educated, logical perspective as well as an intuitive one? Our speakers will help to shine more light on some of these questions, as well as much more! ASA meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Meeting begins at 3:30. Located at: AOMA, Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin  4701 Westgate Blvd., Bldg. E, Austin, Tx 78746.
Lecture cost is $8 for members and $12 for Guests.  
$10 for affiliates (State Chapters and National Organizations)

2018 Past Lectures  

  • Jan 20th :          11th Annual Predictions Panel
    • Panel: Min Lynch, Charlie Cross, Megan Polansky
  • Feb 17 :     Anne Beversdorf – “The Gestalt of Charts”
  • Mar 24:     Maria J. Mateus – Intro to Astrological Grammar
  • Apr 21:     Togi Aditya– “As Above, so Below”
  • May 19:    ASA Jupiter Return-Galaxy of Stars!
  • Jun 21-24th:      Maurice Fernandez -Evolutionary Astrologer
    • Thursday: June 21st Solstice Reception & Dance
    • Friday: June 22nd Lecture
  • Sat & Sun: June 23rd & 24th Workshop
  • Jul & AUG:    BREAK 
  • Sept 15th:   Russ von Ohlhausen- “Secrets of Starlight” Re-unifying Astrology & Science 
  • Oct 12& 13th: Gemini Brett: Fall Workskop
  • Nov 17th : Jeannie Goldwire “Jupiter in Sagittarius”