Are you an experienced teacher/lecturer?
Please let us know your speaking experience.


AOMA Class room facilities are provided for our monthly talks and special workshops.

The Classroom:

  • Integrated ceiling mounted projectors, video remote w/laser pointer
  • Pull-down wall screens
  • PC platform computers setup for accepting PC & some Mac Apps
  • Wireless voice mics
  • Movable voice speaker and amp
  • Chalk board
  • Two-person table desks
  • Additional seating stored in side closet



  • Please use PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote for your presentation
  • Use WIDE SCREEN formats
  • Use fonts no smaller than 21points
  • Use HD images



  • All slides for MS PowerPoint on a USB thumb drive.
  • All chart shots or images accessed by the USB thumb drive
  • Any additional material needs please arrange ahead time.


The AOMA Campus is located at 4701 West Gate Blvd at the corner of Western Trails Blvd.


AOMA Graduate School