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Sun in Capricorn
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20 degrees
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Waxing Gibbous Moon
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The 2019 ASA Prediction Panel & Discussion   

We are almost there! Our 12th Annual Predictions Panel & Discussion. Held on our usual third Saturday time slot at AOMA Campus. Come hear three perspectives on the year to come! And start the year out right by joining the growing astrological community in Austin by showing your support and becoming a member!

Astrologers Kerri Welch, PhD., Charlie Cross and Kelly Overton will give their various astrological takes from their various disciplines on what they see in the charts for 2019.

Regular Lectures Fees:
$8 for ASA members & $12 for visitors
$10 for official Texas-based & national org members (SAAS, HAS, ANTX, ISAR, NCGR, OPA, AFAN, etc, must show current status to receive discount)  


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Capricorn 19' 44"
Moon 23° Gemini 50' 45"
Mercury 21° Capricorn 01' 47"
Venus 11° Sagittarius 55' 16"
Mars 11° Aries 54' 29"
Jupiter 15° Sagittarius 20' 41"
Saturn 13° Capricorn 27' 32"
Uranus 28° Aries 39' 42"
Neptune 14° Pisces 31' 03"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 11' 29"
Chiron 28° Pisces 37' 50"
TrueNode 26° Cancer 46' 32"

The New Astrology Austin!

As of 2019, the Astrological Society of Austin is working together as a joint venture with the Astram Alliance project! So what’s new? Well, the ASA will continue to have ASA Monthly Lecture Series at AOMA Graduate Campus and we are adding the Summer Schedule back to lineup so there will be mostly events all year long.

We are also working on creating smaller satellite groups around Austin to meet at various times & places. Know any astrologers in Round Rock, West Lake, South Central, East Austin...? Will are connecting astrology community leaders with other celestial seekers for dynamic astrology lead discussions!

We are creating a series of classes, beginning in April. The first class series will be on the ‘fundamentals of horoscope astrology’, and taught by astrologer Charlie Cross, focusing on learning the language and skills to master hot to read a chart. The second class series will be a formal Kepler College approved class curriculum leading towards take the NCGR Level 1 Certification as an astrologer.

We look forward to co-creating this new movement with you! 


Free Personal Reading

Free Professional Readings On  February 26th, Maurice Fernandez will be coming to Austin to guide the graduating students of his astrology school through full personal readings to assess final skills. We will be accepting 40 guests. Appointments will be scheduled for...

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ASTRAM Project

We've have been working with extending the reach of astrology in Austin, for the last year, with the Astram Project; now it is official. In the Fall, the board of the ASA made the decision to change the business structure of the organization and to shift its focus on...

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January Predictions Panel

    12th Annual January Predictions Panel Our yearly SPECIAL EVENT!! Get the 2019 forecast from the stars! Come hear three astrological perspectives for the year ahead! This is the 12th year that the ASA has kept the tradition of starting the year off with our first...

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