Ricky Williams 2 Hour Seminar & Networking Event

Living your Life Thru Astrology


NFL Football Star, UT Running Back, Heisman trophy winner, two-time All American, astrologer, herbalist- Ricky Williams is coming to Austin! Hosted by Astrology Austin!

“How learning a little Astrology can change your life”

Astrology has been called many things, ranging from a tool of the devil to a divine science. For me, astrology is a language — an ancient, universal and extremely pragmatic language. A language that allows us to both “listen” and “speak” to the Universe. Spurned by the Enlightenment and the ensuing Age of Reason, Astrology’s practical utility has been buried under the rubbish pile of superstition and skepticism.

In this talk I will share how I have used the language of Astrology to enhance the quality of my live and the lives of my clients. I will also discuss with participants the ways that Astrology can benefit them in their family, work, relationships and creativity.

This is slated to be an opening talk for an upcoming workshop and possible series of visits from Ricky to discuss evolutionary astrology! Astrology is he and his wife’s passion! They want to bring the message of why living with the astrological knowledge is so important in our time.

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More About Ricky Williams:
During Ricky’s NFL years, he was introduced to various healing paths. Introduced to astrology in 2004 by Swami Sitaramananda, Ricky is a practicing evolutionary astrologer with a rapidly-growing clientele base. Ricky has studied and continues to study with different high teachers from a diverse range of modalities, including Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Visionary Craniosacral Work, Sivananda Yoga, Access Consciousness, meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ricky believes that all healing comes from the expansion of consciousness – that is, for people to become more aware of who they truly are, and to have the courage to be more of that in the world. By waking people up to their unique karmic patterns rooted in the past, evolutionary astrology points the way forward to transforming our deepest wounds into fuel for creating a more meaningful and interesting life. Ricky’s teachings on astrological symbolism provides a highly effective method of tuning into the synchronicity around us, thereby engendering a tangible sense of connection to the universe and our place in it.