March Lecture: Maria Mateus

An Introduction to Astrological Grammar:

Have you ever tried to speak a foreign language armed with only a dictionary? If astrology is a language, then most of us do just that. Astrologers spend a lot of time trying to learn “key words” for our symbols, but not a whole lot of time trying to understand how those words are arranged to communicate outer world events that reflect inner world states and feelings. In this presentation, Maria will give you an introduction to the linguistics embedded in the chart as well as briefly touch upon the Aristotelian hylomorphic philosophy that underpins it. Using chart examples, she will illustrate how the chart symbols do not just signify words, but also tell you how to put those words together into meaningful statements that we can all agree upon.

Maria J. Mateus Maria has been a student of astrology for 34 years! She’s open to all astrological schools, but maintains a special interest in research, history, linguistics, and ancient techniques. She believes the key to understanding all of astrology, is to understand the manner in which logos (language and mind) reflects the world we live in. In 2002, her desire to demystify the relationship between inner emotional states and outer world manifestations of those states led her to embark on a 10 year investigation that culminated in the development of the LINCOS grammatical approach to astrology. Maria has lectured at conferences and workshops around the world and taught at the International Academy of Astrology and at Kepler College. She’s written for several astrological publications and has just finished translating her second book on traditional techniques. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas, and an MA degree in Astrology from Kepler College.



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