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August 2010 Meeting – Chinese Animal Signs

The Astrological Society of Austin presents…

August 2010 Meeting:
“Chinese Animal Signs”

By Thaddeus Fenner

Greetings to all and welcome to the year of the Tiger! Chinese animal signs have been around for as long as anyone can trace back through Chinese history. They essentially represent the “branches” of the Chinese system, along with the elements or “stems” and as such comprise the fundamental backbone of that particular system of astrology through the conception of “Four Pillars,” or Ba Zi. The year that a person was born is represented by one of 12 animals, Rat through Pig, and the year represents one of the pillars. The years can be easily remembered by anyone who can associate the Chinese animals to the twelve Western signs that we already know; Aries through Pisces. The Chinese animal year of a person can provide much more depth to what is already known about them through their Western Sun sign; the strength of their relationships and the quality of them can also be revealed with much more clarity. Once familiar with the essential meaning and relationships between the various Chinese animal signs, the astrologer can apply the basic principles easily to their own unique system.

Thaddeus will explain the nature of the twelve Chinese Animal Signs and touch on how they work together. He finds they describe quite well, the underlying needs and motives of an individual. Beyond that, Thaddeus will also talk about how they function as a guide to compatibility in relationship analysis, describing not only the quality, but even the longevity of a relationship. He will be showing us how to work with these signs in our own lives, and in our relationships whether they are spouses, friends, family members or co-workers.

Bio: Thaddeus Fenner

Thaddeus Fenner began his astrological journey at a very young age, and it has held his interest for a long time. Essentially self-taught, he plans to continue with a formal astrological education and practice for as long as possible. He has studied a number of approaches and systems (Western, Classic, Synastry, Harmonics, Asteroids, and others) but found that only a few have really paid off in application to his personal daily life. They are Western astrological Sun signs and Chinese animal signs. Thaddeus is a former U.S. Marine, holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, and currently works in the aerospace industry in the DFW area.

Date: Friday, August 13
Time: 7:30 – 9:30pm
Remedy Center for Healing Arts, 4910 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756
Cost: $5 members / $8 non-members

The Astrological Society of Austin’s Monthly Lecture Series is sponsored in August by:

Diane Carr and Sacred Space Events

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