Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
ASA's Jupiter Return in MAY!
One full Jupiter cycle ago, the ASA had it's inaugural meeting.

Dr. Togi Aditya

Our guest this month is Dr. Togi Aditya, astronomer and instructor at St. Mary’s University in Texas. As an astronomer, he now specializes in the study of interstellar dust and gas properties in galaxies. As an astrologer, he is interested in understanding and decoding concepts from Vedanga Jyotisha (a Vedic text on astronomy and astrology), using his knowledge of astronomy for this purpose.

“It is said “as above, so below” and as a testimony to that statement in past few months we have witnessed the impacts of celestial events occurring in the sky. This shows that the entire universe is dynamic and full of life. But our limited  human intellect finds it difficult to grasp abstract qualities of  planets, nakshatras, rasis and other subtle elements of nature. However, astronomy provides us a great opportunity to physically view these divine celestial stars, constellation and planets….” Read More

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Maurice Fernandez Solstice Weekend Workshop

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