Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
ASA's Jupiter Return in MAY!
One full Jupiter cycle ago, the ASA had it's inaugural meeting.

Come Celebrate ASA’s Jupiter return with us on Saturday, May 19th 6-10PM
at Lotus Bend Sanctuary! FREE* (Donations appreciated)

*** PLEASE NOTE! THIS GATHERING IS NOT AT AOMA CAMPUS and is NOT at the normal time! This event begins at 6PM at Lotus Bend Sanctuary, in South Austin (see details)!***

Wine, food, cake, introduction, mini-talk, astro-tarot improv, fire, star-talk, ceremony! Indoors, outdoors on 7 acres! Come enjoy the astrological community!

Andi Jones will be introducing Jupiter in basic terms (according to Western astrology).  For those who are new to astrology, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the most benefic planet in our solar system, what it means when it “returns,” and how it can potentially manifest in specific charts.

Linda Mackey will explore the ASA Jupiter Return from the perspective of Vedic Astrology.  Accordingly, we will look at the Jupiter return in the context of the chart created by the Solar Return and its indications for the next year.  The focus will be on the positions of Jupiter, the Moon, and Saturn noting their positions in both the Solar Return chart and their transiting positions for the natal chart.  

Event Details:
Location:  Lotus Bend Sanctuary:
2808 Robin Road
Manchaca, Tx 78652
25 mins from the Capitol

Potluck:  Bring food or snack!



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