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The Astrological Society of Austin is at the center of astrological study and promotion in Central Texas! Join Today!

ASA Beginners Classes!

Every 3rd Saturday come and learn what you've been missing! If you have ever wanted to learn astrology, the ASA is the place to start!

Monthly lecture series!

100's of Central Texas astrologers and enthusiasts have come to the ASA lecture series since its formation! Join us at the next talk!

Astrology is Alive and Well!

Find the passion for your connection to the planets. Astrology is in everything! Come see what you've been missing!

2016 Predictions Panel from ASA!

January 16th starts the ASA new lecture season and we have great astrologers and topics planned for this year. Just go above to ASA's Monthly Meetings tab to see our schedule. Pencil in June 3-5, 2016 on your calendar for a special workshop with the internationally famous Mark Jones from Bristol, England.

Beginners Classes with the ASA!

Classes 3rd Saturdays- starting at 1pm-(Check the Meetup for seasonal changes.)

Just $5 a lesson! (We will continue reviewing the basics of astrological language.) Read More...

We will go through the basic foundations of astrology, its structure and theories. Training will be given in the reliable and accepted techniques. Get a good foundation on which to build your astrological knowledge. The classes are given before the regular ASA Monthly Meeting (which has a separate admission fee).

(Two instructional books are offered at half off, $10 and $20 to cover printing costs. Payment by cash or check.)

Mark Jones Workshop June 3,4,5, 2016

Mark Jones is an internationally know astrologers and a well known pyschologist too. Read More...
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