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November Weekend Workshop with Rick Lavine

Friday 20th Lecture: Peering into the Mind of God
How do cosmology, science and spirituality weave a magic carpet tapestry that supports astrology? What is life? Is our fate written in stone in our horoscopes? Does free will exist? What is the relationship between the Cosmos and the individual? What survives death? How can we better understand our place in the Universe? Read more...

Saturday 21st Workshop: 12 Practical Steps to Better Chart Readings
Improving Your Client Consultations. Whether you’re doing readings for fun or money, whether you’re doing 15-minute or 90-minute sessions, the approach is the same. Einstein wrote, “99% of genius is knowing what’s important.” You have plenty of techniques in your toolbox yet seek more in your client work. Read more....

Sunday 22nd Workshop: Interpreting Outer Planet Transits in the Real World
Astrologers know that the outer planets deliver various kinds of shocks to individuals as they aspect the natal chart. So how do we maintain inner balance during times of outer change? How do we place relative importance on each transit, when there is more than one occurring at the same time? Read more....

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Saturday October 17th Lecture by Dr. Kerri Welch


We know that astrology works, but how do you explain how it works? People often dismiss astrology because they assume astrologers claim that planets cause certain events or behaviors and find this in conflict with the notion of physical causality, since the planets’ exert minimal physical force on the human realm. In this talk we’ll explore the idea of astrology as a synchronicity system rather than a causal reality. Synchronicity suggests a fundamental mirroring between one’s self and external reality, not mediated by causation. The planets do not cause events and behaviors, rather they reflect underlying patterns simultaneously. Read More....

Kerri Welch, Ph.D. is a philosopher of time, a professor, writer, and astrologer. She began studying astrology 12 years ago with Rick Tarnas, building her skills with a community of his students in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program Read More.....

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Just $5 a lesson, this is the second of nine sessions! (We will continue reviewing the basics of astrological language.) Read More...

We will go through the basic foundations of astrology, its structure and theories. Training will be given in the reliable and accepted techniques. Get a good foundation on which to build your astrological knowledge. The classes are given before the regular ASA Monthly Meeting (which has a separate admission fee).

(Two instructional books are offered at half off, $10 cash or check. To cover printing costs.)