Lecture Series – NOV 17th: “Jupiter in Sagittarius” with Jeannie Goldwire

Coming to you for the first time, our very own Jeannie Goldwire! Most all of you know Jeannie as an amazing astrological thinker and seeker of truth. Jeannie just had her first astrological article published in OPA’s Career Astrologer magazine, in the Fall Equinox edition! Jeannie has been a member of the ASA since 2007 and has served on the board in past years and currently serves on the board at-large.

Whereas we all have been going through a veritable storm of chaos these last twelve months what with almighty Jupiter abiding in the catacombs of Scorpio, let it now be known: there is reason to take heart! To have Hope! To celebrate! Why? Because Jupiter is now rolling into his comfy Home Base in Sagittarius! And that’s a whole new vibe! Now we get a reprieve from all the growing pains and the delving into agonies of the Past gone wrong. Now we get some well-deserved cosmic acknowledgement and a welcome firm warm pat on the back!

Come hear just why Jupiter moving into Sagittarius from Nov. 9, 2018 to Dec. 3, 2019 is so so so much better than what we’ve been going through!  Yay, us!!! This is at AOMA South Campus. 



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