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2018 Main Lecture Series: February

Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!

Maurice Fernandez in AUSTIN!

Join us June 22nd-24th for Our Solstice Workshop with OPA President Maurice Fernandez! You will not be disappointed!

UAC'18 - The Austin Delegation!

Get registered & join the ASA Delegation to UAC 2018 in Chicago! Make arrangements to represent Central Texas astrologers at one of the most revered astrology conferences ever to be held!

ASA's Jupiter Return in MAY!

One full Jupiter cycle ago, the ASA had it's inaugural meeting! We intend to do a little something different to celebrate! Stay tuned!


Saturday, February 17th

"The Gestalt of Chart Reading"

After 25 years and about 18000 charts read, Anne will discuss the methods and approaches she takes to reading an astrological chart. Her lecture will include charts—charts of audience members and charts from her files—and discussions of what “rises to the top” when you see a chart, how to interpret it to the client, and how to play with the relationship between analytical knowledge and intuitive knowledge. She will address actual questions like “I thought when Venus entered my 7th house my love life would pick up. Why didn’t it happen?” (There are actual, real answers.) Or “How do I get THROUGH this period of Pluto exactly squaring my nodes?” And she will give suggestions for gathering confidence in reading charts for friends and strangers. Read More...

Doors open at 3PM, Meeting Begins at 3:30PM. Members are $8 & Non-Members $10

In Recognition of Service to the ASA

We would like to give our appreciation to Will Morris, Nancy Bush and Naomi Bennett for their years of service to the ASA Board of Directors and to the Austin Astrological Community.

If you happen to see Nancy, Will or Naomi out around the city or at an upcoming meeting, please acknowledge their leadership roles here for with the ASA!

Thank you for all that you have done for the astrology in Central Texas and beyond!

Call for Committee Volunteers

We are beginning our search for enthusiastic volunteers who want to make a difference and contribute to the astrological community in Central Texas and beyond and serve on various committees and implement new programs.

We will be vetting for:
  • New local speakers for a new series, who want to start polishing their skills
  • Techy types, who are devoted to astrology. For various upcoming collaborations.
  • Course instructors, who would like to guide new & intermediate astrologers in the field
  • Hands on assistant facilitators, who would like to work with teachers on classes
  • ... and those with other skillsets...

Feel free to connect and to let us know if you would like serve this year! New members are encouraged!
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