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Workshop March 25-26, 2017

If you have ever wanted to learn astrology, the ASA is the place to start! ASA will take you from the beginning to give you a solid foundation to understand astrology and apply it to your life.

Monthly lecture series!

100's of Central Texas astrologers and enthusiasts have come to the ASA lecture series since its formation! Join us at the next talk!

Astrology is Alive and Well!

Find the passion for your connection to the planets. Astrology is in everything! Come see what you've been missing!

New Nationally Known Astrology Speakers for2017

March 25-26, 2017 Intermediate Training for Students

June 16-18, 2017 Dennis Harness, International Vedic Astrologer


Intermediate Tobey System of Astrology Workshop March 25-26, 2017

Saturday and Sunday 10:00- 5:00 pm for Intermediate Students

Diane and Naomi taught beginner astrology last November 2016 and now they will continue this training using the Tobey System of Astrology. This will be very hands on using student charts for relationship analysis and forecasting. If you have ever wanted to learn astrology, ASA is the place to start! Naomi C Bennett and Diane Clarke of Las Vegas will take you from basic reading a chart to using forecast techniques to do predictions and client work. Read More...

Training will be given in the reliable and accepted techniques. Get a good foundation on which to build your astrological knowledge. Sign up on the Event Page

$100 for each day or $90 for early bird

2017 Predictions Panel from ASA!

January 21th starts the ASA new lecture season for 2017 and we have great astrologers and topics planned for this year. Just go above to ASA's Monthly Meetings tab to see our schedule.
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