Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
Join us each month for our Main Lecture Series!!
ASA's Jupiter Return in MAY was a wonderful success! It was truly a Gala of Stars!

October 12 & 13th: “Gemini Brett” Joseph Lecture & Weekend

Friday October 12th: Reception, Lecture! The Way of Seven Rays and the Translation of Light – StarryTeller Gemini Brett demystifies traditional aspect theory through passionate presentation of the spirit sciences known as sacred geometry, musical harmony, and living astronomy. Why are there Twelve Signs and why did the ancients refer to the 30 and 150 degree aspects as aversions?  This is at AOMA South Campus

-Saturday October 13th Workshop: Curing the Blind Spots – In the first part of Saturday’s workshop we will work with our own charts to learn how focusing on triple aspects can remedy our natal aversions. We will also discuss techniques for curing the blind spots through Translation of Light, intentional initiation through Planetary transits, synastry, fixed star integration, or good old free will and Earthside devotion. THIS WORKSHOP IS AT LOTUS BEND SANCTUARY.

Saturday October 13th Sky School: In the final part of the Saturday Workshop we will go out side under the Stars! Learn to see the Astrological Houses in Space with your Face!

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Lecture Series – NOV 17th: “Jupiter in Sagittarius” with Jeannie Goldwire

Jeannie Goldwire will deliver her unique view on the upcoming transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius. This is at AOMA South Campus.








Advertising for Awesome Austin Astrologers

Promote your Astrology Practice on ASA's website for $9/month The Astrological Society of Austin is an organization that is devoted to raising conscious awareness through Astrological exploration. We honor and appreciate both Eastern and Western approaches to...

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ASA Jupiter Return Gala

ASA JUPITER RETURN SPECIAL EVENT On May 19th, come join us for a night under the Stars... with our ASA Stars! Talks, sky-watching, dance and commune! Fun and enlightening astrology game Fire Ceremony Star Gazing with Dr. Togi Aditya Music, food, and fun! Potluck:...

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February Meeting Recap

"The Gestalt of Chart Reading" by Anne Beversdorf 1. It’s all about the client. Here are do’s and don’ts: a. DO: i. Consider the person’s age—their interests and self knowledge will change over a lifetime. ii. Consider a person’s cultural background. Westerners are...

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