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UPCOMING: Renu Namjoshi – Virginia Palmer, PhD – Christy Hall – John Cole – Will Morris, PhD – Russ Ohlhausen – Lynn Bell – Shannon Gill – A.T. Mann – and many more for 2019…..
NEW: Astrology Austin! Introductory Classes Starting APRIL 8th! w/instructor Charlie Cross
MAJOR TRANSIT EVENTS – All planets are DIRECT – Saturn sextile Neptune: making dreams reality or delusions made manifest – Jupiter squaring Neptune: Be Ware of False Prophets – Uranus back into Taurus: Time to Electrify the Body


“Embody the Truth, Not your Myth”- Renu Namjoshi

To some extent we all live out our myth. the frame of reference we adapted in our childhood and the genetic code we inherited from our ancestors. The horoscope reveals this myth, the thinker “I” “me” or “self” that determines our destiny. All Vedic Life sciences including, Yoga and Vedic Astrology, were created not to embody, but to be liberated from our myth. Jung referred to this as psychological maturation, so our true personality can emerge. Joseph Campbell saw this innate human struggle as the basis of a broad spectrum of myths and stories throughout cultures and history, which he called the monomyth… <<<MORE>>>

Renu has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to the study and practice of the Vedic Sciences: Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Mantra. She began her formal studies in1998 with Dr. David Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has continued to study with many eminent scholars. As an avid student of life, her academic interest also includes, mythology, Joseph Campbell, Jungian psychology, functional medicine and neuroscience. Her expertise is her distinctive ability to translate and incorporate ancient Vedic systems of healing with current models of knowledge that enhance our understanding of 21st century healing and wellness… <<<MORE>>>

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$8 for ASA members & $12 for visitors
$10 for Affiliates
FREE for Patron Partner Members



Sun in Pisces
Moon in Leo
28 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Pisces 00' 52"
Moon 05° Virgo 22' 09"
Mercury 16° Pisces 41' 54"
Venus 18° Capricorn 32' 28"
Mars 03° Taurus 43' 27"
Jupiter 20° Sagittarius 43' 29"
Saturn 16° Capricorn 54' 56"
Uranus 29° Aries 25' 16"
Neptune 15° Pisces 35' 40"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 12' 05"
Chiron 00° Aries 05' 03"
TrueNode 26° Cancer 24' 10" R

Raising consciousness is our passion!

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A few of the Upcoming Events….

ASTRAM- Dream Magic & Astrology – Virginia Palmer, PhD

Dream Magic & Astrology  Dream Magic, Becoming a Lucid Dreamer (Part 1): Do you want to consciously direct your night Dreams? Do you want to increase your Dream memory as well as Dream interpretation? Do you want to know how your astrology chart relates to your Dream world? Do you want to know the best […]

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Lotus Bend Sanctuary, 2808 Robin Road
Manchaca, TX 78652 United States
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ASA Lecture Series MAR

VENUS: Coming Back to Center  A new look at Venus. Description to come. Christy Hall- Christy picked up her first astrology book in 2001 and is still left in awe by the discovery of the way the Universe operates. A practicing astrologer since 2009, she was a founding member of the Astrological Society of Austin […]

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AOMA Graduate School, 4701 West Gate
Austin, TX 78652 United States
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ASTRAM- Human Design & Astrology- John Cole

Human Design & Astrology One of ASA's early members, astrologer John Cole, is returning to engage us with his in depth look of the Human Design System with Astrology at its core. Final times & details to come...!

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The New Astrology Austin!

As of 2019, the Astrological Society of Austin is working together as a joint venture with the Astram Alliance project! So what’s new? Well, the ASA will continue to have ASA Monthly Lecture Series at AOMA Graduate Campus and we are adding the Summer Schedule back to lineup so there will be mostly events all year long.

We are also working on creating smaller satellite groups around Austin to meet at various times & places. Know any astrologers in Round Rock, West Lake, South Central, East Austin...? Will are connecting astrology community leaders with other celestial seekers for dynamic astrology lead discussions!

We are creating a series of classes, beginning in April. The first class series will be on the ‘fundamentals of horoscope astrology’, and taught by astrologer Charlie Cross, focusing on learning the language and skills to master hot to read a chart. The second class series will be a formal Kepler College approved class curriculum leading towards take the NCGR Level 1 Certification as an astrologer.

We look forward to co-creating this new movement with you!! 

Introductory Classes! 8 Weeks

The new Astrology Austin! classes have been finalized and the schedule has been set. Starting Monday, April 8th running on consecutive Mondays thru May 27th, come dive into this concentrated intensive course. All new astrology enthusiasts and those who may need a...

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Free Personal Reading

FREE Professional Consultation On  February 26th, Maurice Fernandez will be coming to Austin to guide the graduating students of his evolutionary astrology school through full personal readings to assess final skills; this is a ONE-TIME ONLY offering. Take a look at...

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A peek at the 2019 Lineup

We have an exciting line up and big changes in store for 2019! We will be expanding or offerings with a joint venture with other local organizations. THE ASA SPRING LECTURE SERIES February - Renu Namjoshi March - Christy Hall April- Dr. Will Morris May- Anne...

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